Mountains-The Symbolism Behind the Tarot Cards

Introduction to the Tarot symbolisms and how to interpret them

Reading Tarots is a simple yet technical process. A good Tarot reader knows all the symbols and meanings associated with a particular card because the symbols bear the message, be it good or bad.

Different Tarot cards bear different symbols

which if interpreted correctly can offer you with foretellings and predictions. Depending on the deck, numerology, energies and colours might vary slightly, but doesn’t make a huge difference. If one feels stuck reading a tarot, the symbols make the process way easier.
Modern tarot decks come with themed decks having various images and colours, but the root remains unchanged. There will always be an uncanny similarity of a particular modern card with the traditional one. Tarot card symbolisms are divided into categories based on the numbers and images on a card. As modern tarot is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana, Major Arcana cards deal with life changing motions while minor Arcana refers to day to activities and how we are affected by them. Each figure is the representation of a person, his personality, surroundings and energies associated with them. The symbols of the Tarot cards date back to their invention in Italy.

Mountains-Basics and Symbolisms

One or more cards in a Tarot deck may have mountains as a prolific image. The mountains are associated with the element of earth. The element has many stories and tales embedded with its name. As earth is the place we reside in, it represents our physical self. It is the foundation of our growth and development. It nurtures and protects us. Therefore Earth represents stability and covers the material aspects and prosperity. The negative aspects are being over materialistic and greedy. As the element is the fundamental source of life, it also represents our innate nature and energy.

In Tarot, the suit of Pentacles is dedicated to this element.

Mountains represent the challenges which need to be overcomed by us. Life sometimes creates a lot of difficulties for us and tests our talent, perseverance and power. We must triumph over what comes along our way. Mountains are immovable, so seems our challenges. Some cards show green lush mountains, which mean the challenges are worth our sacrifices. In some other cards, the mountains might be far away, symbolizing the trials the person has gone through in his past. In other cases, the mountains might appear as a volcano to deal with the concepts of love and relationship.
So what does a mountain card coming up in a reading mean? The cards might warn you of some obstacles about to disrupt your peaceful life. You need to overcome the difficulties to make your life run smoothly. The obstacles need not be negative always. They might teach you some important lessons which will help you to do better in life. As mountains are symbols of pride and honour, it is associated with the pride you feel once you are able to tackle a difficult situation. If read reversed, the mountain cards represent a mental upheaval like stress or anxiety, which you should be aware of.


But the reality is, problems can make you, instead of breaking you. Keep calm and stay focused. Mountains can seem inaccessible from one side, but you can climb up from the other one if you know the techniques and skills. Click here to learn more for online tarot reading

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