Must-have Features for Food Delivery App Development

Technology is building a new space with advancements in the mobile app industry. This digitalization brings several opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide and enables them to create advanced trends in each sector.

One of the most influential among them is the food sector which delivers high-grade applications for consumers worldwide to have their favourite dishes within the comfort of their homes. 

Consumers enjoy this innovative way to connect to their favourite restaurant that requires no visits. As per the statistics, the revenue from the food delivery mobile apps industry can reach up to 96,864.4 million USD, which makes it a huge success in the future. 

If you want to craft your own application in the same industry but have zero knowledge about what features you should add, consider this guide below. However, you can also seek support from the best food delivery app development service

As of now, let’s get started!

8 Top features of the food delivery app

Provide an elevated experience to the consumer while adding these features to your food app. 

  • Push Notification

As the industry is filled with several food delivery apps, sending a push notification is an excellent approach if you want to stand out from others. It will gain visibility for your product and provide an instant way to let your consumer know about the discounts, special offers, deals, loyalty programs, and various other information. This is a great way to keep customers engaged with your own platform. 

  • Registration 

Registration is the crucial step that invites your customer to the platform. So, always try to make it more user-friendly with a seamless experience. The customer may leave the registration incomplete if they find complications. Go with an option where they can complete this procedure by linking to another social media account. 

  • Search

It is the core element of your application. You need to consult with the best food delivery app development service to make it more user-friendly. However, you can try to organise the search pattern of restaurants by preferences (nutrient-rich meals, gluten-free diets, and desserts), types (fast or gourmet meals), and other dishes.

  • Restaurants Review 

The customer would always prefer to check the ratings and reviews of the restaurants before ordering the dish online. So, add this feature to let them know about the best restaurant on your application. It will help out the consumers who are new to your platform and look for the reviews and ratings done by others.

  • Cart and Schedule Order

The cart feature comes in handy when the customer wants to order from multiple locations. It lets them continue with their orders without disturbing or removing the previous one. 

Besides, a Schedule order is also a great feature that allows customers to get the order at the scheduled time. These two are must-haves for adding convenience to your customers’ lives. 

  • Easy Payment

You should not be restricted to only one way when accepting payment from the customers, as many of them prefer COD or online transactions. Incorporate with other mobile wallet app services like iOS Wallet, Paytm, Paypal, and Stripe for providing ease with online mode. 

However, choose a secure way by consulting your app developers that do not affect your reputation in the future. Also, use vouchers and promo codes to add more to the consumer excitement. 

  • Delivery Personnel’s Contact

Your consumer may want to contact the delivery personnel after making payments for the food. Therefore, add this feature as well to bring convenience to the user. The consumer can use personnel’s contact for various reasons, like reaching out to the delivery man and tracking the order. 

  • GPS

A more advanced way to track the order is to enable GPS mode. This element gives the customer a correct estimated time on when the order gets delivered. 

To Wrap Up!

So, these are all the features of the food delivery app. Ensure to consult with the best food delivery app development service that can build a project with these features. Well, we have only included the parts that derive your customer engagement. However, if you want to get more insights into features that provide a seamless experience to the admin and delivery personnel group, let us know in the comment section. 

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