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Nauli Kriya Yoga is very beneficial in problems like indigestion, constipation, gas, and not cleaning the stomach properly, know the way

Regular practice of yoga is considered to be the best to keep the body healthy and fit. Through yoga, not only can we keep our body fit and healthy, but regular practice of yogasanas is considered very beneficial for the internal cleanliness of the body. The Shatkarma Kriyas (Six Yoga Kriyas) of yoga is beneficial in keeping the body healthy along with internal cleansing. One of these Shatkarma Kriyas is Nauli Kriya which is beneficial in cleaning the stomach and keeping it healthy. Let us know through this article how to do Nauli Kriya Asana and its benefits.

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What is Nauli Kriya?

Nauli is one of the oldest techniques of Kriya Yoga, it is a Kriya under Shatkarma Kriya of Yoga. You must have often seen yoga guru Ramdev rotating the stomach while doing yoga, Baba Ramdev often does this asana for cleaning the stomach and its health. Nauli Kriya is also called the purification technique of yoga. If we understand this action of yoga in a common language, then first of all it is necessary to know about its meaning. Nauli verb word which means to sail inside the stomach just as the boat moves in the sea. In this action, the stomach rotates like a boat, and this action is very beneficial for cleaning the stomach muscles and stomach. The six actions of Shatkarma Yoga Kriya are as avrupa yakası escort follows.

  1. Tratak Kriya
  2. Leadership Action
  3. cranial reflex
  4. Washing action
  5. Settlement action
  6. Nauli Kriya

Method of doing Nauli Kriya:

Apart from internal cleanliness and internal health of the body, yoga is also very beneficial for mental health. While practicing any asana of yoga, it is necessary to purify the body mentally and internally. The cleaning of the stomach is done in the most correct way through Nauli Kriya. Nauli Kriya should be practiced on an empty stomach. After emptying the stomach in the morning, it is beneficial to practice it without eating anything. There are four major stages of Nauli Kriya, it should be practiced only after knowing about them well.

  1. Bahya Uddiyana Bandha
  2. Agni Sara Kriya
  3. Vamana Nauli and Dakshina Nauli (Vama (Left) and Dakshina (Right) Nauli)
  4. Madhyama Nauli

To practice Nauli Kriya, first practice Uddiyana Bandha. Standing straight, expel the air rapidly from the mouth and pull the navel inwards. After this, now you have to come back from Uddiyana Bandha and do Agnisara Kriya. For Agnisara Kriya, rest the palms of both the hands on the knees and while exhaling tries to keep the belly loose and take out the navel towards the outside. After this, to do Vamana Nauli, pull the stomach inwards and rotate it towards the boat while applying pressure towards the left side. Now do Dakshina Nauli Kriya, for this, move the middle muscles like a boat towards the right side of the abdomen. Now practice Madhyamaka Nauli, keep the muscles in the middle of the abdomen in the middle, and move rapidly to the right and left in circular motions.

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Benefits of practicing Nauli Kriya:

Nauli Kriya is the best yoga for cleansing the stomach and muscles. Nauli Kriya is considered to be the best yoga for internal cleansing of the stomach, According to experts, it is important for us to be clean and healthy mentally, physically, and internally during the practice of yoga, so this action should also be practiced during yoga practice. According to yoga experts and Ayurveda, practicing Nauli Kriya regularly has these benefits.

  • Regular practice of Nauli Kriya is extremely beneficial for the digestive system.
  • Useful in keeping the internal organs of the stomach like liver, spleen, bladder, pancreas, gall bladder, and intestines healthy.
  • Regular practice of Nauli Kriya is beneficial in strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  • Beneficial in removing problems related to menstruation in women.
  • Considered to be extremely beneficial for the health of the whole stomach.

Nauli Kriya should not be practiced in these situations:

Nauli Kriya should be practiced regularly only on an empty stomach. In the beginning, it is advisable to take the help of an expert to perform Nauli Kriya. 

  • during pregnancy
  • during menstruation or period
  • up to 2 months after delivery
  • In case of heart disease and high blood pressure
  • In hernia, abdominal pain or stones
  • ulcer, constipation, and stomach surgery

The practice of Nauli Kriya may seem daunting at the beginning for ordinary people. If you are practicing it in the beginning, then do it under the supervision of a yoga teacher or expert. Constipation, any serious stomach problem, or practicing it during pregnancy can also cause serious harm. Heart rate can also increase during its practice, so its practice can be harmful to people suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases. Before practicing this kriya, you should definitely tell about your physical condition to an expert or yoga guru.

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