Packing And Moving Tips for Families with Small Children

Our kids are usually happy and excellent sports, but planning a relocation while attempting to make this a successful transition for them brings another layer of stress to an already stressful situation. We never understand how such a significant change will affect our children. They may not understand or care, or they may be distressed at the prospect of abandoning their pals. While their reaction will vary depending on their age and temperament, as well as the conditions of your move, we guarantee that if you follow these seven helpful ideas, your packing and planning for your house removals in Sydney will go much more smoothly:

#1: Hire a Babysitter

It’s difficult enough to move in the first place. Keeping a watchful eye on your children while planning and packing might make progress nearly impossible. Hire a babysitter to watch the kids while you work on a room so your concentration isn’t split between two areas.

#2: Turn it into a game

For youngsters, the less frightening moving is, the more probable they will accept it. It’s simple to get children habituated to the concept if you make it a game. Give each child a single box and ask them to fill it with things they can’t live without. Alternatively, request that they pack everything in their room in a specified color or form. It wouldn’t hurt to provide rewards for the best packaging job as well.

#3: Don’t Toss Their Things Away

Our children collect the weirdest of items. They keep souvenirs or mysteries that we may not know, but that we should appreciate, as they gather cherished experiences. When you do choose to go through your child’s room, include them in the process so you don’t throw away anything important to them. If the quantity of keepsakes is getting out of hand, gently remind them that they won’t be able to bring everything with all of them and ask them to pick only their favorites.

#4: While the baby is sleeping, pack

When you have a baby at home, showing up for work while they’re awake might feel like a two-step forward, one-step back exercise. Babies certainly take up the majority of our time, from feeding to changing. Pack a couple boxes with soft material objects (towels, blankets, pillows) while baby goes down for a nap so you don’t make too much noise.

#5: On the day of the move, send the kids to their grandparents

Depending on how far you’re moving, sending your children (and dogs) to their grandparents’ place may make the big day less stressful. Because your kids may be upset or overwhelmed by what’s going on, sending them somewhere comfortable with people they know and trust may be less distressing for them.

#6: Make a Big Deal Out of It

Don’t be afraid to inform your children about what’s going on. They’re far more sensitive than we realize. Tell the truth about what’s about to happen. We don’t want children to be sad, but they need to know why their home is about to change. Our recommendation is to inform them well in advance so that they can become accustomed to the concept.

#7: Hire a professional moving company

Packing isn’t enjoyable, let’s face it. It’s something no one wants to do, yet it’s an unavoidable evil. As a result, hiring experienced packers and movers in Sydney can be the finest decision you ever make. We provide complete and partial packing services at OZZIEE MOVERS. We’ll pack your complete home and move your prized possessions safely to your new location. If you have children and need, use a helping hand, contact OZZIEE MOVERS for a free estimate.

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