Singer Curvy 8770 Honest Review

The Singer Curvy 8770 has 225 stitches built in, comprising a variety of block alphabet as well as number stitch. The package also comes with soft covers along with an introduction DVD as well as many other items.

The 8770 has a high-end sewing machine with lots of features. However, its consumer reviews are not excellent. The owners are pleased with the fact that it is robust and relatively simple to use; however, it’s loud, and sometimes there are issues regarding the timer.

There are some Singer Curvy models. The 8770, the 8763, as well as the 8780. We’ve previously looked at the 8763.

There are several significant differences between the 8763 and 8770:

The Singer Curvy 8770 is a lot higher priced over the 8763 (often just a couple hundred dollars)

The Singer Curvy 8770 comes with a stitch count of 225, while the 8763 comes with 30 stitches.

This machine is a block with numbers and letters, while the 8763 doesn’t.

This sewing machine has an LCD panel for the control, whereas the 8763 doesn’t.

Also, The Singer Curvy 8770 is programmable needles up/down, but the 8763 isn’t.

You might want to check out the janome derby sewing machines. Regarding the top model, we have not yet looked into the model. However, we believe it is basically identical to the top-rated.

Consumer Ratings Of Singer Curvy 8770

We found 40 user ratings from various prominent online websites. They are listed in the following table. If they are averaged, these results yield an overall rating that is 77.1 from 100, which is about 3.9 stars out of five. This is somewhat too low in comparison to other Singer machines that we have examined. It is possible to look through our complete listing of sewing machine reviews.

The Consumer’s Perspective

An in-depth analysis of the owner’s comments will reveal the following typical 8770 dislikes and likes:


  • Sturdy
  • There are many decorative stitch designs
  • Stitching that is consistent
  • Included are many accessories
  • Very simple to use
  • A well-lit sewing area


  • The timing can be off
  • A little loud
  • It is hard to stitch in straight lines

Quick Overview Of Singer Curvy 8770

Quick Overview Of Singer Curvy 8770

The machine’s timing could be a problem. We’ve heard a number of times the fact that its timing was wrong immediately from the box, and in that case, it had to be returned to be serviced. In another instance, the timing could be fine for a time, but then it would go out of order.

Furthermore, some users are having difficulty with the needle threader that is automatic, and others believe it functions perfectly. It’s likely that it is because the needle can be difficult to comprehend. However, once you have it figured out, the threading is more fluid.

The tension is a different area that causes confusion. However, one friendly owner has suggested that the majority of tension-related issues can be solved just by making sure that the bobbin used is a 15J, not the fifteen bobbins.

Drop & Sew Bobbin System

Other observations worth noting are that the 8770 could have difficulty with thick or heavy fabric, it’s noisier than people would like to be, and it is true that working with Singer customer support can (not all the time, but usually) take a lot of time. There are more user reviews about the 8770 on Amazon If you’d like.

 Key Specifications Of Singer Curvy 8770

  • 225 stitched in stitches (6 Essential, 5 Stretch, 7 Buttonholes, 207 Decorative)
  • 6- Fully automatic one-step buttonholes
  • One buttonhole that is endless
  • The stitch is selected by pressing the button.
  • Automated needle threader
  • Automatically measurement of stitch width and length (can be altered as well)
  • Block numbers and alphabet stitches
  • Automated thread pick-up for bobbins
  • Twin needles capable
  • – 13 needle positions
  • StayBright 3 LED light bulbs (bulbs last for 100,000 hours and are cool)
  • Drop feed function (lower feed dogs to allow free motion stitching)
  • LCD screen
  • The automatic stitch tie-off feature
  • Maximum stitches width 7 mm
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Automated tension (overrideable)
  • Extra high presser foot lifter
  • Free arm
  • Feed dogs with the motion of the box
  • Automated bobbin winding clutch
  • Drop and sew the bobbin system (for rapid threading of the bobbin)
  • Center zig-zag taper
  • Sewing speeds of 750 stitches every minute
  • Reverse automatic
  • Automatic presser foot pressure control
  • Thread cutter is built into the machine.
  • Memory capacity by editing (combine stitches letters, numbers, and letters)
  • Singer 8770 Alphanumerical Stitches

The 8770 comes with a range of accessories.

These include a variety of presser feet, including The All-Purpose Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Blind Hem Foot, and Zipper Foot. Also included is a set of needles, class 15J bobbins, Spool caps, pins and a screwdriver, as well as a seam ripper/lint brush and the foot pedal.

Additionally, Curvy 8770 comes with a Curvy 8770 comes with soft dust cover manual, an introduction DVD, a quick-start guide, as well as a power cord. The on-board storage (inside the arm that is free) in which the majority of accessories can be kept.

The device weighs in at 17lbs, not too heavy and not too heavy. It comes with a carry handle, making it transportable and can be fixed on a cabinet or desk.

Conclusion Of Singer Curvy 8770 Review

Conclusion Of Singer Curvy 8770 Review

Like many Singer sewing machines, the 8770 is covered by a 25-year limited warranty. In the details of the warranty, you’ll discover that it provides the following protection:

Sewing machine head Head of a sewing machine.

Motors as well as lights, switches, wires, control of speed, and electronic components two years

Rings, belts, bulbs, belts, attachments and adjustments for 90 days

If you’re searching for a well-known (higher rating) Singer sewing machine, you might want to take a look at these models. They may not come with the features you desire or require, so make sure you look at them carefully.

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