The 3 best techniques window cleaning that you should know

If you have come this far, surely you have not yet found a good way for window cleaning without the typical lint or lint appearing afterward, and for this reason, here we are going to show you some techniques to clean windows in a more effective way.

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At SCS Group Cleaning, we have a long professional experience in window cleaning in its much resistant dirt on the most varied surfaces, and that is why we can advise on the best techniques for cleaning glass, as it is one of our daily tasks.

Take note!

Before seeing techniques for cleaning glass, we are going to give you a series of general guidelines, which can also help you in cleaning glass and mirrors.

  • If you are going to do the complete window cleaning, it is always better to start with the frames, because if you do it the other way around, it is possible that you will dirty the glass again, which has taken you so much work to clean.
  • Start washing the windows from the outside: frames, and shutters, because it will surely be the part with the most dirt because of accumulation of dust and contamination.
  • As you are going to use water and products that can slip, when cleaning windows on walls painted or wallpapered on the inside, it is better to previously cover the part of the wall you are going to work with a plastic roll, to prevent dirt from dripping and dirty them.
  • Also cover the floor, in the area where you are going to do the window cleaning if they made it of wood or carpet, and if you do not have plastic at hand, use a sheet or a sufficiently large rag.
  • Before cleaning windows by getting wet, especially on the outside, it is better to pass a dry cloth beforehand to remove the layer of dust, since this forms grit that, if you have not removed it when rubbed can scratch the crystals, with which already you will always see marks you cannot remove.
  • Avoid cleaning windows when the sun is facing the windows.
  • Always use old t-shirt type 100% cotton cloths to dry glass and mirrors, even if you use a glazier’s lip racket, as you will always have to remove any traces of soap or dirt from the corners.
  • If you have to clean large window panes and they are high up, don’t risk it, and turn to a professional cleaning company, because they have security measures to do an effective job without taking so many risks.
  • The secret of the techniques to clean glass is patience and skill unless you have a window cleaning robot.

Techniques for cleaning the glass in large windows and storefronts

Professional glaziers commonly used the best technique for cleaning large window glass or cleaning large window panes that are accessible.

To do this, you must use a sprayer to which you add a solution of window cleaning soapy water.

You will also need a sponge, a bucket of water, a few cotton rags, a brush or soft cloth to remove any exterior dust beforehand, as well as a racket with rubber lips. If when you go to clean glass, you find solid debris such as stickers attached, or other solid debris, you will also need a glazier blade to help you remove them.

Start by passing the brush or cloth through the frames, clean or change the tool and pass it again through the outside of the glass without pressing, to remove dust. Next, clean the frames on the outside with a cloth with soapy water drained, rinsing and draining in plain water, for clean windows.

Now spray the spray on one leaf, using the sponge to rub and spread the soapy water. With the help of the racket, make passes on the glass, placing the rubber lips on the surface of it.

After each pass, remove the dirt that the rubber collects, by introducing this part into a bucket of water, or with the help of a clean and damp cloth.

To finish cleaning the glass, use the cotton cloth to remove the reflections and finish off the corners.

Starting from this base, there are different techniques to clean glass in terms of the movement of the racket, which we will explain below:

Technique to clean glass with horizontal or vertical movement of the racket

Within these techniques for cleaning glass, in each case, use the one that is most comfortable for you depending on the shape of the window.

Once the soapy product has been sprayed, which can comprise water and dishwasher, or water and ammonia, or water and vinegar, it is a matter of placing the racket vertically on the upper left part of the glass, always in contact with the surface, go sliding it to the right side, and then cleaning the rubber, to start again on the next line riding on about three fingers from the previous pass, until ending at the bottom.

To move the glass cleaning rack vertically, you will simply have to place it on the upper left part in a horizontal position and start sliding downwards, taking care that the water and soap do not slip off the glass, clean the rubber and start again too. Mounting on the previous band about three centimeters.

Once the glass cleaning is finished, all that remains is to remove the reflections with the cotton cloth or natural chamois.

 Technique to clean glass with fan racket movement

This type of glass cleaning technique requires more experience and is done when the glass is cleaned regularly, so it does not keep as much dirt.

If you have not been cleaning windows for a long time, and you want to try it, carry out the previous steps as explained above, and once you are going to use the window cleaning racket, start from the upper corner, placing the rubber in a vertical position and sliding it to the opposite end of the line, but when you reach that point, without lifting the racket, you must turn your wrist to go down the line, and continue the process in the opposite direction, and so on until you finish.

As you can see, in this case, the racket is not raised on each pass to clean and continue.

Technique to clean glass in tall or hard to reach windows

To clean difficult crystals, you will need to incorporate a telescopic handle to the window cleaning accessory, or racket, which in this case must have a double edge, on the one hand, a sponge to impregnate liquid, which in this case is better not to foam, type ammonia, and on the other the rubber to remove dirt and moisture.

Depending on the shape of the window, you will need to apply vertical or horizontal movements to clean the glass.

Be patient because when you have to work with a pole. In this type of technique to clean the glass, press harder, to get the racket to contact the glass. The first results are usually not impeccable, for which you will have to review several times.

➡ Technique to clean crystals with relief

To wash windows with this type of beveled glass. It is better not to use soap for very difficult to remove the remains that get between the drawings. It is better to use ammonia water, or cleaning vinegar.

To do this, mix water and one of these products in a bucket. With the help of a drained sponge, apply the glass cleaning solution to the glass.

Then go over the entire surface again, but now only rinsing with water. Finish by drying as usual with a microfiber cloth, or a pure cotton cloth. In this type of glass, cleaning imperfections are not so easily noticeable.

And now that we have already explained the best techniques for cleaning glass , if you do not have time, or it is not your thing, contact us and for much less than you imagine, you will have all your crystals sparkling.

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