The best mobile MMORPGs

Few RPGs on a smartphone can match serious projects, but it’s still nice to be able to take a break from your daily routine at any moment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best MMORPGs for Android and iOS, most of which are free and available right now.

It seems that quite recently the opportunity to play a “snake”, crawling on a small black and white screen, seemed like something prohibitively cool. Could we then imagine that already at the beginning of the 2000s the world would be blown up by global role-playing games like World of Warcraft or Lineage 2 , and in a few years they would acquire whole hordes of ideological heirs that you can carry in your pocket? Could or not, but it happened, and if before almost any toy caused genuine delight, now there are so many of them that, willy-nilly, you become picky and demanding.



Our top mobile MMORPG is a fantasy game about the eternal struggle between good and evil, the war of angels and demons , in which players have to fight back against dark forces. The developers have prepared four classes of characters with unique abilities, and the gameplay combines massive multiplayer battles, exploration of a huge open world , upgrading satellites, as well as detailed character customization – it’s somehow not inherent for angels to go into battle without dressing up.

Angels Realm is available for free, works on many Android devices, and in general is able to give players a lot of pleasant emotions. The game has no flaws, even if you carefully search, you can’t find it, and therefore it gets to the first place in our selection.



A project with a long history, constant updates and portions of new content – racing games unblocked. This is a classic role-playing game with all the features typical for the genre, stylish anime characters, a bunch of classes and a wide range of activities – from story quests to serious PvP battles.

The battles in Avabel Online are really large-scale – up to a thousand players can swing swords and staves at the same time on the battlefield. Naturally, with such a mass character, bugs are inevitable, but they happen much less often than one would expect.


Knights Chronicle is another nice little toy with big-eyed anime characters. Together with a company of other heroes, you will gradually uncover the secrets of the history of the world and try to prevent the death of the planet Garniel.

The combat system in the game is complex and thought out to the smallest detail. Literally everything affects the outcome of the battle: the pumping of each individual character and his interaction in conjunction with the rest, the distribution of the talents of the heroes, their bonuses, and much more.


Those who remember the original MU have been waiting for a mobile version of their favorite game for a long time and got exactly what they expected. For those who are not in the know, let us explain: MU Origin is like a familiar (at least by hearsay) Ruler, only easier and on a smartphone .

There are few classes in the game (only three – a warrior, a mage and an archer), but they are worked out perfectly. The locations here are diverse and picturesque, the special effects are spectacular, the battles are large-scale and dynamic. MU Origin has everything we love MMORPGs for: constant leveling, quests, dungeons, thick bosses that drop cool loot, convenient and intuitive controls.

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Lineage 2 has taken hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of life for millions of gamers around the world. Naturally, the mobile version of the Ruler was eagerly awaited and many hopes were placed on it. As a result, we got a game that retained most of the classic gameplay 3d racing games unblocked elements for an MMORPG icon, but solved the problem of endless and merciless grind.


Developers from Gameloft did not reinvent the wheel and prepared their creation according to the standard MMORPG recipe: they took a fantasy world, settled several races in it, and then added some value there, for the possession of which everyone fought.

Although the plot, as usual, hardly matters. The gameplay of Order & Chaos Online is extremely simple, the controls are intuitive, and leveling up the character is also no problem. Despite not the coolest graphics, exploring the world is really interesting. So the game is suitable for those who just want to relax for an hour after a working day without unnecessary troubles.


Goddess: Primal Chaos is a cute multiplayer role-playing game with a well-developed world, carefully drawn characters and bright special effects. There are few classes here (only three), but not quite ordinary – warriors, ghouls and spellcasters are provide a choice.

In addition to the ability to trade and exchange things with other players, which is quite rare for mobile games, to choose beautiful outfits for your heroes and get your own mount, Goddess: Primal Chaos has another distinctive feature – the player can hire some NPCs as comrades and even summon goddesses yourself as a helper.


The fourth Warriors of Eternity combined all the best practices of the previous three parts. Despite the fact that there is nothing fundamentally new in the game, Eternity Warriors still remains a solid, well-thought-out and well-drawn MMORPG.

This classic fantasy world with classic inhabitants will appeal to those who are more interested in single missions than large-scale battles with live players. The PvP component of the game is really weak, but the plot turned out to be strong, and this is a huge rarity for mobile MMORPGs.


At first glance, Magic Legion – Hero Legend seems like an ordinary toy about a world in danger, and brave heroes who will save this world. However, if you look closely, everything is not so simple.

The game has huge tactical potential. There are a lot of heroes here, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses, its own abilities, all of them need to be placed correctly. In addition, there are several schools of spells, without which one cannot survive in this world. At the same time, only a few of them can be “take with you” on the battlefield, and the worst thing is that each spell can be cast only once.


Those who enthusiastically play the PC version of Black Desert will rejoice, because the game has already been transfer to mobile devices. However, there is two news – and both good. The first is that the usual classes, monsters , locations, etc. have been preserved in Black Desert Mobile, the detail character editor has not disappear either.

The second news is that the game got out of the home region and is available in Russian both on Google Play and on the App Store.


Dark Legends is a simple but very atmospheric game about vampires , zombies and other horrors. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a character, or rather, his gender, because we can only play as a vampire. And, in fact, there is no customization in Dark Legends. But that’s not the whole point.

Our character, along with his party members, will run through gloomy locations and, to the accompaniment of creepy sounds, chop to shreds everything that moves – flying limbs, blood splashes on the screen, in general, everything is as it should be. Over time, our vampire or vampire gets new skills, collects enough money and goes for new gear, which is quite a lot – from a regular T-shirt with a skull to a maid outfit. The levels in the game are also different, so you won’t get bore. At least for the first couple of hours.

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