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These 5 yoga asanas will give relief in sciatica pain, know their benefits, and how to do it

Sciatica pain occurs in any one part of the body. This pain is very sharp and unbearable. Sciatica patients cannot stand for a long time. Even after walking for a long time, they start having pain in the legs and back. The pain of sciatica is aggravated by overworking, lifting heavy weights, and bending down. In such a situation, sciatica patients should avoid doing these things. You may have resorted to medicines to reduce the pain of sciatica, but if you want, you can also get relief in its pain with some great yoga asanas.

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1. Hanumanasana

Hanumanasana is helpful in reducing waist and abdominal fat. This makes the body tone and flexibility. Hanumanasana is very beneficial for sciatica and the nervous system. This strengthens the muscles around the waist. Its regular practice cures all the diseases of women. This makes the spine straight. This reduces stress, tension, to do this, first of all, lay a yoga mat. Stand straight on it. Keep both the knees on the floor and sit on the toes. Slowly move your left foot backward and your right foot forward. Extend the legs so that the hips touch the ground. Now keep your hands facing forward in prayer posture. Move both legs back and forth one by one. Stay in this state for 2-3 minutes. Practice this slowly. Never put pressure on the shoulders and knees while doing this. Always do a warm-up before doing this, this will activate your core muscles. Do this only under the supervision of a yoga expert.


2. Hastapadangusthasana

Fatigue is removed by doing Hasta Padangusthasana. It is also helpful in reducing weight. Due to this, there is a strain in the feet, knees, and ankles, due to which the legs become strong. By practicing it daily, the digestion system and muscles become strong. The nervous system is strengthened. Hasta Padangusthasana helps in maintaining the balance of the body. Doing this regularly will make you feel energized. To do this, first of all, keep the feet close to each other, keep the spine straight, and stand. Straighten the right leg by lifting it forward. Hold this toe with the right hand. Keeping the other hand on the waist, stand on one leg while maintaining balance. Stay in this state for some time. Now do this with the other leg, in the beginning, you can also do this asana with the support of the wall. Gradually, when the balance is built, you do it without any taksim escort support.


3. Dhanurasana

Doing Dhanurasana daily strengthens the muscles of the back and lower abdomen. It also strengthens the muscles of your hands and feet. This makes the body tone and flexibility. Doing Dhanurasana regularly reduces stress, anxiety. This is a very good yoga posture to reduce the problem of sciatica. To do Dhanurasana, first of all, lay a yoga mat, lie down on the mat on the stomach. Keep the feet completely connected to each other. Keep your hands near your feet. After this slowly bend the knees, hold the ankle with the hands. Taking a long breath, lift the chest and thighs off the ground. After this, pull the feet with your hands. Look at the front with a smile, stay in this position for a few seconds. During this, your body should be drawn like a bow.

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4. Bhujangasana

By doing Bhujangasana, problems related to periods end. This is a very beneficial yoga posture for sciatica. This strengthens the bones. Relieves the problem of gas, acidity, and constipation. Digestion is cured by practicing it daily, kidney and liver are also always fine. It is also helpful in reducing tummy fat. To do this, lie down on your stomach on the mat, straighten both the legs and join them together. Place the chin on the ground, keep both the elbows by the ribs. Keep the palms on the ground. Now place the head on the ground, while breathing, slowly raise the neck, chest, and abdomen. Remain in this state for some time. While exhaling slowly comes to the initial state, patients with back pain and hernia should not do it.


5. Shalabhasana

The muscles become strong by doing Shalabhasana. This strengthens the muscles of our hands, feet, thighs, and feet. It cures the digestive system, it cures all the problems related to the stomach. It enhances blood circulation and also gives relief to sciatica pain. To do this, first lay a mat. Lie on your stomach on this. Keep both the legs straight, keep the toes straight and upwards. Keeping both the hands straight, press them under the thighs. Keep your head and mouth straight. Take a deep breath, raise both the legs up (as high as you can), stay in this position for 20 seconds, you can increase it according to your capacity. After that slowly relax while exhaling. Do this 3-4 times. Always do it on an empty stomach. Avoid doing this even if you have pain in your head, neck, and spine. Pregnant women should not do this yoga asana, it should not be done even in back and back pain.

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