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Top Reasons To For Installation Of Ducted AC

Air conditioning system can help in making our lives cool and comfortable during the hot , sweltering summer season. When it comes to installation, you should hire only professionals like ducted air conditioning Sydney. There are plenty of benefits of installing a ducted air conditioning system. Some of them are below: 

Convenient Monitoring System

Another advantage of a ducted AC system is the convenient monitoring system. You can use a smartphone to control the temperature and other settings of your new air conditioner from anywhere. There are many advantages to being able to monitor your home’s climate remotely.

Energy efficiency — You can adjust the thermostat before you get home so that it doesn’t use excessive energy while you’re away. Meaning your utility bills will be lower and more manageable each month.

Security — If you go on vacation, you can still check in on your house and make sure everything seems normal. If someone breaks in, turns down the temperature, this system allows you to find out immediately so that action can be taken while there’s still time.

Convenience — A connected ducted AC system is also helpful for busy people who may not have time to manually adjust their thermostats throughout the day but still want to come home to a cool place at night.

Multiple systems — The monitoring app for one ducted AC system might also let you control multiple other systems. If they’re installed in various places such as a work office or rental property.

Energy Efficient Technology

  • Ducted air conditioner systems are designed to operate with less energy input than other types of systems. An AC system is usually installed for an entire building or floor. So it does not need to work as hard as a window unit or portable unit.
  • Ducted AC systems are also designed to be more efficient than other kinds of cooling and heating technology. You may hear claims that a ductless system is more efficient, but in most cases this is simply not true. A well-designed ducted system will work much harder to cool and heat your home while using less energy than a ductless one; the money saved can add up quickly compared to installment costs.

Temperature Adjustments

Another benefit of installing a ducted air conditioner is that you can set the temperature centrally. In other words, you can adjust the temperature in all the zones by simply adjusting one control. Thus, there’s no need to get up and manually adjust the thermostat at each zone.

Moreover, this type of air conditioner allows you to cool different parts of your house at varying temperatures. Some rooms in your home may require more cooling than others. With a ducted unit, you can turn off or reduce airflow to certain rooms while continuing to cool other rooms at high levels.

Since this system cools your entire home uniformly throughout every room, there are very few temperature variations in the various zones of your home. This ensures comfort regardless of which part of your house you’re in at any given time.

Zones Throughout Your Home

The ducted system is design to control temperatures in different zones at your home. Depending on the design, you can bring temperature controlled air into only certain rooms or multiple rooms. With a zoned system, it’s possible to essentially heat or cool just the areas of your home that are currently occupied, thus saving energy and money. 

You might choose to keep the living room cold while keeping the bedroom warm. In this way, you can earn an additional 2-3 star rating over a split system or reverse cycle air conditioning installation. Take help of professionals like ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for installation of AC. 

With a ducted system it’s also possible to control the temperature of your home remotely through various devices such as a phone app or smart thermostat. Many modern air conditioning designs include remote controls for manual operation too, so you don’t have to get up from your comfy chair if you need to adjust the temperature downstairs.

Quiet operation

Ducted air conditioners are some of the quietest air conditioners on the market. While any form of AC is going to make a bit of noise, ducted systems are generally very quiet. Especially when compared with other types of unit such as split systems.

If you value the peace and quiet in your home then it’s worth looking for a ducted system with a low decibel (dB) rating. Most ducted air conditioning systems will have a rating between 40dB and 50dB. But you can also find very quiet models that have around 30dB or even lower. Generally speaking, the lower the dB rating on an AC model, the quieter it is – although this may push up the cost of your new system.

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