Toyota corolla 2003 price in nigeria

Toyota corolla 2003 price in nigeria

Toyota corolla 2003 price in nigeria states that the most popular car on the planet in the last 35 years. It seems that this wasn’t sufficient. Toyota’s executives and engineers did not think the previous Corolla was the most desirable subcompact car for image or value.

Furthermore, the firm is concerned about the fact that the average age for Corolla purchasers across the US is 44, and customers of those who purchase the Honda Civic are an average five years younger.

Instead of trying to create one brand-new Corolla that appeals to both younger and older purchasers, Toyota has introduced two new cars that are quite distinct from one another in terms of appearance. But they’re both identical in their core. For buyers who are younger, this model Toyota Matrix (see separate review) is a sleek 5-door hatchback/wagon-type vehicle that stands out in traffic jams.

It’s perfectly appropriate to refer to this new Corolla as the baby Camry, and could be an infant Lexus. It’s a great background for any automobile.


By ignoring the Matrix In spite of the Matrix, the Corolla line comprises one design, and that is a sedan with four doors. Even though this Corolla line has also included station wagon and two-door models, the majority of American consumers prefer simple four-door sedans.

All Corollas are equipped with an 1.8-liter 16-valve four-cylinder engine. The option of either a manual or an automated transmission.

There are three trims offered for 2003 in the Corolla line-up, The base CE The sporty S and the premium LE.

CE ($13,370) is equipped including air conditioner (with filters for air) as well as an AM/FM/CD stereo with power steering with power mirrors as well as tilt steering columns with tachometer intermittent wipers, a digital clock and outside temperature gauge, trunk lamp, and dome light with a delay. CE comes with a manual gearbox; an automatic option is available ($14,370).

S ($14,515 with a manual gearbox; $15,315 when it comes with an automatic transmission) includes sportsy styling cues, such as smoke-stained headlight lens extenders for the headlights as well as integrated fog lamps as well as an aerodynamic body kit with color-keyed rear and front underbody spoilers and rocker panel extensions as well as rear-mounted mudguards. The S also comes with bigger 195/65R15 wheels. Inside the S has a distinct leather interior, a sleek tachometer, chrome accents, as well as an interior with a leather-wrapped steering wheel as well as a shift knob. The S model comes with the vertical seat height and door locks with power, and map lighting.

The LE ($14,680 or $15,480 if you opt for the automatic) comes with keys for remote entry and power windows along with intermittent wipers. The LE does not have the sleek body cladding that is found on the S. In place of that S model’s sporty interior, The LE features wood-like trim and new seats made of cloth. A leather option is available ($1,050 and includes an open-air roof) on the LE, which offers the car an elegant appearance.


On first inspection, it appears that the new Corolla appears smaller than the model it replaces. It is not true, since it’s four inches bigger and has the wheelbase being over five inches wider.

Very thick A-pillars at both the front as well as C-pillars to the rear give the vehicle an attractive appearance. In addition the Corolla is quite hefty-looking bumpers that add to the car’s impressive appearance.

The rear taillights are in line with the style of the headlights beautifully. The taillight module is actually mounted inside the lid of the trunk. This is fine, however, it does mean that the design makes it to appear smaller than it should be.

The doors are fairly wide openings, making it easier to get in and out.The shorter overhangs enhance the appearance of the car, as well as the handling.

The S model is equipped with body-colored moldings that distinguish it as the more sporty version. This includes the lower front spoiler, which has integrated fog lights, the side rocker panels, and a rear under-skirt.


Inside, the Corolla excels. Inside it’s not like an SUV and doesn’t feel cheap.

The leather seats feature the soft pleated look that is a popular feature for buyers when buying cars. The center console as well as parts of the armrests on doors have a wood-like veneer trim. Both LE S and LE S models have the steering wheel wrapped in leather as normal.

For the majority of people, the front seat leg and headroom is sufficient, and there’s plenty of space in the rear for two adults of average size.

While there are seat belts for a third person in the rear seat, however, there’s certainly a lack of room for this person.

The seats’ materials look elegant with a great design and fit. 

The design and ergonomics of the dashboard are top-quality.

It features a top-facing surface which stretches across the length of the vehicle with a slight curvature and wraps around the trim on the doors.

 Parking brake handles are to the left of the center console, which means there’s the space for a tiny storage cubbyhole to the right.

Three round gauges that overlap in the instrument pod comprise an enormous speedometer as well as a smaller tachometer left, as well as a water temperature gauge and fuel gauge that is mounted on a similar circle on the left. They have red lettering over a white background. Additionally, there’s an external temperature reading on every model.

Numerous auto manufacturers have switched to scissor hinges that are not in the storage area. The reason Toyota as well as other Japanese manufacturers haven’t shifted to this type of hinge is still a mystery.

In all, the interior offers the highest level of quality that is higher than what you’d expect in an affordable subcompact.In addition, side curtain airbags can be available for all models.


One word summarizes the driving experience offered by the brand new Corolla as transparent. This is a plus for those who aren’t particularly keen on driving. The Corolla is able to complete the task in such a way that it’s hard to find fault with.

The car is only an engine that’s 130 horsepower which means that its acceleration capabilities aren’t exhilarating. It comes with an electronic shift control system that assists in holding a gear for longer than it normally would when it detects that the vehicle is going up an inclined slope or that the driver needs lots of power when passing.

Its power steering seems perfectly balanced it gives you a great experience without being too rigid or unresponsive. For those who appreciate the sharp performance of the sports car might find the suspension a bit too soft. 

There’s no difference in the transmission, engine and suspension among the trims even with being the S model being referred to as the sporty trim level.

How Long Do Toyota Corollas Last?

 With regular maintenance and regular service The Toyota Corolla has a life expectation of 10 , 000 miles or 10 years. If you take care of your brand new Corolla it is possible to have it for over 10 years.

Why do we need to keep going with Routine Maintenance?

There is no better way to get the best from your car; routine maintenance is mandatory. Of course waiting for service may cause costly problems in the future that are longer to fix. Sam Leman Toyota’s Service Center allows you to keep current on routine oil changes , and much other maintenance services. Utilize our convenient online scheduler for service to make your next scheduled service close to Morton.

What’s the Basic Corolla Maintenance Schedule?

Here’s some suggested intervals for servicing the Corolla:

  • Every five miles The tire rotation process and the oil change
  • Each 15,000-mile interval: Check brakes, examine and refill coolant system and exhaust system, steering, and much more.
  • Every 30 miles Cabin or engine air filters replacement, check the for fuel system
  • Each 60,000 mile: Check and replace the fluid in your transmission and inspect the belts for wear.
  • Every 100,000 miles Replace spark plugs and coolant


It’s the Corolla is the vehicle to think about if your looking for a sleek and robust sub-compact vehicle that blends so seamlessly it’s nearly impossible to find.

It’s not that far to say that the Corolla is a child Lexus It certainly shares the identical DNA.

Some might complain about the fact that Toyota is conservative in the development of its latest Corolla however the way it has done it is to create two distinct automobiles:

You can choose between you can choose between the Corolla as well as the Matrix.


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