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Want to truly get under your visitors’ skin with even more terrible advice? Continue reading. (website builder)

These three lists are for you if you’re a cruel webmaster or website owner who has a strong desire to royally frustrate and anger your site visitors each and every time they visit your site. Read on if you want a horrible website that looks ugly, functions horribly, and breaches basic marketing guidelines. Here are a few more of the most idiotic things you may do on your website.

Let me explain why there are three lists in the first place. Breaking down any website into three equally vital segments, design, technical, and marketing, is one way to look at it. In other words, these three elements can be found on every website on the Internet. They all have a design (look and feel), they all need to be on a server and correctly coded to be live on the Internet (technical), and they all have strategies to attract visitors and make sales (marketing) (marketing).

So, in each of these three phases, let’s look at the top ten ways you might upset your website users and overall fail miserably at the whole website attempt. The following is a list of exactly what NOT to do, divided into three categories.

Top ten web design annoyances:(website builder)


  • Instead of following Web conventions, employ bizarre and weird formats that no one has ever seen or comprehended.
  • You should only write trite, predictable, uninteresting, or copied content and never update your website.
  • Making each page’s navigation completely original and unique so that your visitors don’t have to waste time relearning it every time they visit a new page. Also, make each page have a completely different appearance and feel so that your visitors don’t know if they’re still on the same site or have left.
  • Using merely buttons for navigation, or using sophisticated JavaScript drop down menus that make your site’s navigation more difficult. The search engines will not be able to crawl (browse and record) your website if you do this and add no text links.
  • Making it as difficult as possible to read your website. Using small letters that are difficult to read on a brightly colored background. Use blue fonts on a black backdrop, for example.
  • Using cryptic, obfuscated, and enigmatic names for all of your links and buttons so that no one knows where they’re going when they click. The more perplexing the situation, the better.
  • Searching the site is now impossible. You don’t have a search box, a site map, or any other means to find anything on your website.
  • Including information that is solely focused on you. Never discuss your visitors or how you can assist them; instead, focus on yourself, your background, and your accomplishments. On the front page, include a large image of you and your office building.
  • Throughout your site, you have just poorly written copy with numerous grammar errors and horrible spelling and punctuation errors.
  • There is no text included. Creating a large picture on every page of your website. For example, on your home page, place a large photo of yourself and your office building with no text so that search engines can’t notice your site.

Top ten technical annoyances:(website builder)

  • Making it take an eternity for people’s browsers to load your website. The more time you have, the better.
  • Changing the appearance of your website so that it looks different on every machine. As a result, your site appears one way for Macs and another way for PCs. Alternatively, it could appear differently in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and FireFox.
  • There is no form validation in place. Allowing visitors to fill out forms on your website with anything they want. Perhaps some astute hacker will inject executable code into your server, corrupting or taking control of it.
  • Making all of your site users download and install a slew of plug-ins in order to fully access your site. It’s too bad if they don’t.
  • Telling users that they must use a specific browser and version to view your site.
  • Making any functionality on the site difficult to understand and use, as well as working incorrectly and inconsistently every time it is utilized.
  • Throughout, there are numerous broken connections and missing photos.
  • Setting it up to crash on a regular basis. The home page, for example, becomes inaccessible if more than three individuals visit the site at the same time.
  • There are a lot of pop-ups, moving newsletter sign-up windows, running videos, animations, and Flash movies that take a long time to download before you can browse the site.
    Using a large number of frames.

Top Ten E-Marketing Annoyances:

  • Creating a truly bounce-friendly website. Make it ‘un-sticky,’ in other words, so that when users arrive on one of your sites, they have no reason to stay and leave right away.
  • There is no page dedicated to terms and policies.
  • No emotions are evoked. Flattening, boring, graying, dulling, and forgetting your website.
  • Ensure that no one who views your site can sign up for anything or provide you with their contact information or email address.
  • There are no calls to action on your website, so your visitors are never asked to do anything. Making each page a dead end that leaves your visitors scratching their brains before clicking away.
  • Does nothing to help you establish your brand.
  • Getting no one who sees your website to become a paying customer.
  • Never monitoring or even looking at your website referrals and activity, and never using an analytics application like Google Analytics or Web Trends.
  • There’s no phone number, no email address, and no other method to contact you. Hide your identity behind your website.
  • Making it impossible for search engines to read your site, as well as making it impossible for users to read it.

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