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What Is the Amazon Advertising Console?

The Amazon Advertising Console serves as the principal “hub” for managing and setting up PPC campaigns and Amazon advertising, particularly for retailers. 

Inside Seller Central, sellers can also design and manage their sponsored product advertising and sponsored brand campaigns (but only if Amazon registers a brand in the Brand registry). While providing a nearly comparable set of features, the Advertising Console requires a different login.

Amazon Advertising Console Campaign Manager

the Campaign Manager functions at the center of the Advertising Console. The vendor can view the running, pausing, and saving PPC campaigns, and get an overview of the effectiveness of their campaigns with graphs. 

The standard metrics include “expenses”, ” sales” and “cost of sales” (ACoS) and”impressions” and “impressions”. With just a few clicks you can display and combine additional metrics such as clicks as well as cost-per-click ( CPC) as well as click-through rates ( CTR) as well as the number of orders placed and new customer orders and sales to new customers percent of new customer orders, as well as the percentage of new sales.

The table below outlines all the specifics of an advertising campaign. Clicking the “columns”, it’s possible to hide or show the desired metrics.

As a default, 50 campaigns will be shown on one page. You can display up to 300 campaigns on Amazon’s Amazon Advertising Console. The distribution of the remaining campaigns can be found on the following pages of results.

Amazon Advertising Console Drafts

Within the “drafts” view within the Advertising Console, are those classified campaigns that the vendor hasn’t yet created or launched, or those which have been rejected by Amazon. Particularly, when it comes to “Sponsored Brands” (formerly Headline Search Ads) A violation of the rules could cause a rejection for the specific campaign. 

Products Display ads are also required to be viewed manually and then accepted by an Amazon employee following installation. If this isn’t the case the campaigns that are rejected can be found within “drafts”.

Amazon Advertising Console Bulk Operations

The bulk area is where the advertiser can conduct more thorough campaign configurations or modifications via uploading an Excel spreadsheet. This is a good idea if multiple adjustments are required to various campaigns simultaneously or if the portfolio of campaigns comprises a large number of individual campaigns.

An Excel template needs to download and then fill out before you can begin the bulk process of Amazon’s Amazon Advertising Console. It is vital to ensure you fill in all bulk operations and campaign attributes correctly and completely. Every campaign element, including daily budgets, start and finish dates display groups, max bids match types, and ASINs are all specified in these bulk transactions.

To know more about Amazon PPC bulk operations, click here.

Amazon Advertising Console Advertising Reports

“Advertising Reports” section “Advertising Reports” section is among the most crucial components within the Amazon Advertising Console alongside the Campaign Manager. 

To evaluate and quantify the effectiveness of PPC measures advertisers must download and store the performance reports of their campaigns (at minimum every month). 

Additionally, in addition to separating the kind of the campaign ( Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands), You can also select the type of report that allows you to create the search terms, target advertising products, and reports that are based on performance across time with a time frame (today yesterday, today beginning of the week to today the last week, last month, start to today, the last month, and customized).

Amazon Advertising Console Stores

If an advertiser registered his name in the Amazon Brand Registry, he can manage and set up his stores for his brand within the “Stores” section of the Advertising Console. The stores, or the individual subpages, may be promoted later in targeted campaigns that are partnered with sponsored Brands. 

In addition, they provide certain KPIs about the journey of the customer as well as the traffic source of users. The majority of the time, however, the stores are viewed as retail shops and also online showcases for brands in Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Marketplace.

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