What is the procedure for office cleaning and workplace?

Concerned about their image and the hygiene code, companies must respect the cleanliness of their premises. Office cleaning done in a professional environment differs, however, from that done at home. Left to the care of a specialist, the plurality of tasks, the number of human resources and the choice of material resources characterized it. As a cleaning agency tells you more about the procedure for cleaning a professional space.

Anytime:  Office cleaning

With a flexible schedule, the cleaning professional hires his services every day of the week. It is the same for the periodicity of the service. Cleaning can take place regularly or occasionally. This flexibility of cleaning schedules benefits the customer. He chooses the schedule that suits him best. The cleaning company usually gets to work in the morning, especially before workers arrive on the scene. This mode of operation offers more convenience to the individuals in charge of the cleaning.

We divided cleaning into several tasks

By offering its cleaning service, an agency carries out various works such as window cleaning, floor cleaning, office maintenance, emptying of garbage cans, disinfection of sanitary facilities, and maintenance of green spaces. The customer has the choice between all or only part of these services. Sometimes, a company has an in-house cleaning team. As a result, she calls on a cleaning specialist only for fairly complicated tasks. This mainly concerns industrial cleaning and the maintenance of the ventilation duct.

Quick and steam cleaning

For cleaning, professionalism, and efficiency is one watchword. Therefore, the service provider mobilizes a team made up of several agents. We assigned each employee a well-defined task during their intervention. This organization helps companies perform flawless work in a short time.

Equipment and products that meet cleanliness standards

As part of professional cleaning, the specialist does not skimp on the means. Not only does he use several types of materials, but he also makes use of sophisticated equipment. Its tools include a high-pressure cleaner, a steam cleaner, a sweeper, a scrubber, a vacuum cleaner, a mono rush,, and a trolley. As for cleaning products, most of them have bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The cleaning company plans to regularly replace its equipment and products.

Which agency to choose for the cleaning of its professional premises?

From their sites, several cleaning agencies reveal prices adapted to various categories of customers. We place our skills at the service of the hotel and tertiary sectors. Thus, we have established professional cleaning formulas. Thanks to this workforce, we work 7 days a week to satisfy all our customers. The latter benefit from various services such as cleaning of common areas, cleaning of offices, cleaning of glass surfaces,, and waste management. We also offer special work such as stripping thermoplastics, applying shampoo to carpeting, and marble crystallization.

In order to accomplish their daily tasks, our professional cleaners have professional tools including the vacuum cleaner, the steam cleaner, the cleaning trolley, the microfiber cloth, and the mono brush. For the choice of cleaning products, we favor those that meet the ISO 14024 standard. This is an orientation that reflects our commitment to environmental protection. To ensure the quality of our service, we carry out a regular inspection after cleaning. The results will be the subject of an activity report to which our customers will have access.

In a workroom, cleaning follows a fairly strict procedure. It is, therefore, preferable to seek the advice or even the intervention of a professional cleaning company. The employees and the employer have the duty to respect a minimum of daily hygiene.

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