What Responsibility Does a Trucking Company Have to Keep a Truck Driver Safe?

The Department of Labor (DOL) in the United States singles out trucking services in colorado as of the riskiest occupation. Logistics and transportation fleets have the highest numbers of fatalities and injuries on the position—and these numbers are increasing each day. Preserving your drivers secure on the road is not just essential for their fitness and well-being. Their protection directly affects different drivers on the road and your bottom bar. 

By enhancing the security of your drivers, you not just confirm their safety but also decrease outlay associated with accidents, paying out claims, and advancement in insurance premiums. The most satisfactory information is that you can enhance the safety of truck drivers if you design a work culture that vigorously trains, coaches, and awards the securest drivers. Here are some fundamental truck driver security tips to keep your drivers guarded on the road.

Urge Drivers to Practice Defensive Driving

Defensive trucking is a driving condition that facilitates truckers to watch for probable threats and differences in driving or street conditions. Drivers are inspired to decrease the chances of injuries and accidents by predicting potentially risky conditions and making well-informed and secure judgments while behind the spin. By utilizing defensive driving practices, drivers are less probably involved in accidents. Therefore, you can bother less about claim payouts and costly repairs.

Here are some defensive driving practices and strategies to encourage your drivers.

  • Look for the blind spots
  • Practice the three-second regulation
  • Be Ready for Emergencies
  • Remain cool, calm, and connected
  • Always signal
  • Slow down when in doubt

Set Preventative maintenance practices

Your driver’s protection begins with the security of the vehicles in which they are. Tractors and truck trailers that are not up-to-date with their routine supervision, such as brake pad and oil changes, can probably fail on the road. 

Employing this data, your technicians can create a few preventative care programs based on days, mileage, earlier breakdown record, and additionally acquire real-time signals for critical defect codes. Through standard care and assertive repairs, you can confirm your vehicles are in ultimate form so drivers can evade breakdowns on their ways. 

Ensure complete inspections both before and after trips

Hand-in-hand with improving the safety of drivers through supervision is utilizing comprehensive vehicle assessments to guarantee all trucks are secure before drivers begin driving them. Therefore, to safeguard your drivers, you must employ tools to ensure that all the inspections are complete and accurately recorded.

Cart Drivers to evade distractions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specified inattentive driving as the number one reason for misfortunes for truck drivers. Inattentive driving forces the trucking drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road. Distractions can vary from dining while moving to hinge out the window to gaze at billboards. But the most typical state of inattentive driving is using cellphones, particularly texting at the time of driving. 

Have mechanisms in location to react to transformations in road conditions

Road situations can be surprising, specifically for the long-haul drivers functioning long hours across different states and regions. Bad weather and traffic are the two conditions that probably affect the safety of drivers on roads. Bumper-to-bumper traffic compels vehicles to repeatedly move and stop, which raises the chances of accidents. In addition, bad climatic conditions like ice or hail can affect the driver’s visibility. All these contribute to more prominent chances of accidents.

Monitor your fleet with real-time GPS tracking

With fleet-management venues that offer real-time GPS tracking, you can consistently know the accurate location of all your trucking drivers. Real-time GPS is necessary for confirming the security of your drivers, particularly during investigations or other emergencies. If a vehicle gets damaged, you must know its accurate location to assist the driver as soon as possible.


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