Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Live Chat Support & Phone Answering Services?

Customer service is probably the most important aspect of your business operations, determining the success or failure of your business. If you can deliver satisfactory customer experiences, you get to enjoy their loyalty and business for years. Conversely, if you dissatisfy them with poor customer service, they won’t hesitate to switch to your immediate competitor. This will not only lose you a valuable customer but massive amounts in potential revenues. Hence, outsourcing live chat support might just be the best option for you to deliver satisfactory customer service. In turn, this will help you build brand reputation and loyalty among current customers while also attracting new customers.

Why opt for outsourcing live chat support & phone answering services for your business

If you are a startup still trying to fit in the mold of the industry, you may not have the necessary resources for an in-house customer support team. The same might also hold true for small & medium enterprises (SMEs) that have more important areas to focus on. As a result, they are forced to dedicate most of their resources toward core business operations that generate revenues. They cannot spare much to hire, train, and employ separate professionals for customer service functions. At the same time, it isn’t possible for them to take staff out of their core operations for the purpose.

As a result, outsourcing answering services and live web chat support remains the best option for these startups and SMEs. This allows them to offer top-quality customer support without paying large amounts of money associated with customer support teams. In addition, they can also offer professional services to the clients to ensure satisfactory customer support for superior experiences.

Conversely, if you have an already-successful business, contact center services outsourcing allows you to strengthen your customer service deliveries. As a large enterprise, you may already have the necessary resources to employ a team of customer support professionals. However, that does not mean that your core staff has the expertise to ensure efficient and effective customer service deliveries. Also, what sense does it make for you to spend large amounts of money on professional contact center solutions when you can outsource them for a fraction of the cost?

By outsourcing answering services and live web chat support, you can save massive funds without compromising on customer services.

What can outsourcing answering services & live chat support do for your business?

While their most important contribution is customer support, many businesses are still unclear about what contact centers do for them. It isn’t just about answering customers’ phone calls and answering their queries or discussing their issues to find appropriate solutions. Contact centers can (and actually) do a lot more than that for your business. So, what exactly do contact center solutions comprise?

Well, to be absolutely precise, contact centers can help you with all kinds of communications with customers, clients, vendors, etc. Business communications require special skills and temperament, in addition to plenty of knowledge and expertise about the industry and products. Contact centers that help your business with outsourcing live chat support and phone answering services help you deliver professional communications. As a result, your customers, clients, vendors, etc., are able to enjoy effective communication along with efficient resolutions.

Apart from phone answering services and live web chat support, contact centers also help you with:
    • Telemarketing & promotions
    • Sales, upselling, cross-selling, etc.
    • Pre-sales & post-sales support
    • Query & complaint handling
    • Lead generation & customer acquisition
    • Customer support & retention
    • Brand awareness and recognition
    • Surveys and promotional campaigns
    • Customer engagement & outreach

And much more. With top-quality outsourcing answering services and live web chat support, you can transform customer engagements to build strong customer relationships. These relationships are built on trust and loyalty, ensuring that your business can hold onto these customers for several years. This will not only boost your customer retention but also ensure the maximum inflow of revenue to your business.

How to choose the best contact center for outsourcing live chat support & answering services?

Now that you understand the importance and value of professional answer services and live web chat support, it’s time to engage a contact center company for the same. There are thousands of professional contact centers in the United States alone and several thousand others all around the globe. Businesses can choose between onshore, nearshore, and offshore contact centers companies depending on their requirements and budgets. So, how does one make a choice?

Firstly, you need to draw up a list of your requirements. Determine the areas in your business operations that can be improved with outsourcing answering services and live web chat support. Your requirements would include important factors such as:

    • Your industry of operations
    • The number of agents required
    • Operating hours
    • Inbound/Outbound services
    • Quality of customer support deliveries
    • Your customer location
    • Multilingual & omnichannel capabilities

Once you list your requirements, you will find it easier to identify the appropriate contact center companies to hire. This will also help you to identify the contact centers that meet your expectations and deliver the required services.

Next, you must determine your budget – the amount of money you can spare for quality contact center solutions. Contact center companies in the USA and Europe usually charge higher fees than those in India, the Philippines, or Africa. Your budget will determine the contact center company and its country of origin. However, you mustn’t choose a contact center company solely based on their prices. You must also consider the quality of services they can deliver.

There are several top industry-specific BPO companies in India, Africa, and other third-world countries that deliver excellent contact center solutions. These companies are able to offer top-notch services at low prices due to multiple factors, including:


  • The economy of their countries
  • The availability of labor
  • Government subsidies

However, despite their low prices, they are able to deliver top outsourcing live chat support and answering services to rival top BPO companies around the globe. This allows you to offer premium professional customer support without blowing a hole in your pockets. At the same time, it also enables you to ensure superior customer experiences in every interaction.

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