Why You Should Know About Pigments Green 7?

You’ve likely heard of pigments like pigments red 6, yellow 5, and blue 1. But you may not have heard of pigments green 7, which has been raising some major red flags in the cosmetics industry lately—and for good reason!  it’s just as potentially harmful as many other artificial colours we’ve seen before it. Check out this overview of pigments green 7 to learn more about why you should know about this pigment—and how you can protect yourself from it!

Pigments For Coating  And Plastic

Pigment green 7 is a pigment used in coatings and plastics. In coatings, it commonly used in paints and other exterior products such as decking. Plastics, it is frequently utilized to produce clear and colourless products for consumers worldwide. It also found in textiles, detergents, food additives (e171), plasticizers and many more commercial products that rely on colour to attract consumers. One of its most common uses today is as an additive to paints for either architectural or automobile purposes. A typical example would be a spray paint can sold at the local hardware store that allows you to change the colour of your vehicle or house at little cost to you.

Brief History

one of several coloured dyes derived from coal tar, green 7 now used to a very small extent in pharmaceuticals, but it is most commonly used  a food dye. It is one of a handful of colours that appears on an FDA list of colour additives approved for use in foods.

That’s what we’ll focus on here. There are other applications for pigments green 7 but these are subject to change at any time and do not have standards defined for them like there are for use in pharmaceuticals or foods. It will also be important when discussing pigments green 7 as a food additive that you understand which version we’re talking about and why there are two different versions: natural and synthetic.

How  Produced

Pigment green 7 synthetic dye.  Unlike pigments like plant dyes or some animal-based pigments (like annatto), synthetic dyes don’t exist in nature, they only come from chemical processes and mixtures. Because these dyes are manmade, they  produced by an equally vast number of factories around the world.

This makes them relatively cheap to produce, but also hard to trace back to their source. This may sound scary at first, but there regulations in place designed to ensure that synthetics aren’t dangerous for us humans. While we still have yet to figure out how much synthetic dye is safe for us to consume every day (the jury’s still out on that one), research shows that most people aren’t consuming anywhere near enough of them to cause any harm.  Always choose foods with natural colours instead.

Functions Of Pigments Green 7

The pigment used in plastic food colourants, confectionery and beverages, etc. Particularly in confectionery, it not only provides a bright green colour for food but also has a significant effect on regulating appetite. The use of pigments green 7 can effectively avoid overeating in consumers as well as reduce sugar intake.

The industry is concerned about its potential impact on human health. Even though such concerns  not yet confirmed by authoritative bodies. Industry organizations have jointly proposed that pigments green 7 may not  used in products containing vitamin c or other antioxidants that can reduce fat absorption and lead to increased fat deposition and thus seriously affect human health.

Where Can You Find Them?

At one time, pigments were only available to artists and craftsmen who used them for coloring paint. Ink and other media. Today, however, Pigment Green 7 Manufacturer are produced on a large scale for industrial uses as well as many household products. Among those are hair dyes. Depending on your hair color and skin tone. you may find that pigments can change your appearance in subtle ways by adding a tint of color to hair or skin. They can also used to dye clothes, such  shirts and dresses; coloured latex gloves; safety goggles; welding masks; swim goggles; children’s toys and much more.

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