Winter fruits to be added in daily diet

Winter means too many good foods and a chill in the weather. Winter also means one has a greater chance of catching a cold or seasonal flu and so they need to be careful about their diet. A lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits are available in this season and with this pandemic looming around, one must keep them to their daily diet routine.

Both fresh fruits and vegetables help in increasing the immunity power of an individual. When one is sending fruit gift baskets UK, then they must add all the seasonal, vibrant fruits in them. Here are the fruits that one needs to add:


This is a super tasty fruit which one can have during winter. It is well known because of its tremendous health benefits. Oranges are rich in calcium and Vitamin C and if one can consume oranges on a daily basis then it can help one’s immunity system to get stronger. This can also prevent skin damage, lower the cholesterol level and helps in weight loss.


The blood red crystal shaped beads are colourful and tastes delightful. It is a great blood thinner and so people who have high blood pressure must have this fruit on a daily basis. Pomegranates also free the body from free radicals and can prevent heart diseases and prostate cancers.


Also known as custard apple or sharifa, this is a fruit which is only available during the winter months. They taste super sweet and it has great immunity boosting powers. Having this fruit can manage blood sugar levels and can also treat acne.


Guava is a fruit which is loved by almost everyone. It has a distinct aroma and flavour which makes it even more delicious. The fruit is loaded with Vitamin C and anti oxidants which can fight off the free radical activities in the body. Guava has a lot of dietary fibres in it and so it is great for digestion problems.


It is a soft and tangy fruit which not only carries a rare taste but also has a lovely green colour. Kiwis come with a lot of Vitamin C which one needs to add up to their immune system. This fruit can regulate the blood pressure, prevent blood clotting and also helps in improving the vision.


It is a great fruit when it comes to treating urinary tract infection. It can protect the liver and help one to stay healthy. Though they look small but they are bigger in benefits. These are the blood red berries which offer a sweet and tangy flavour and it lowers the blood pressure level in the body.


This is another member of the citrus family and that is why it is also loaded with Vitamin C. It is also known as the sweet lime and this fruit is best consumed during the time of winters. It is filled with dietary fibres as well.

When one is preparing fruit basket by post UK, then they must add all these fruits.


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